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Board Application


Board Application

Welcome and thank you for applying to become a member of the FVHA Board. Your participation is greatly appreciated and makes for a fulfilling experience for your child and our community.


Any community member in good standing with the Association and able to pass the MAHA background check is eligible to be a Director. Board Members and Association Voting Members may nominate themselves or other candidates to be considered by the voting membership.

Good attendance and participation is expected of Directors. No more than three (3) absences annually of regular Board Meetings are acceptable. Attendance by tele-presence or designated on-line meeting sessions is an option. Each member must also participate on at least one committee. 


Q: What is the FVHA looking for in a Board member?
A: We want all areas of the organization represented with a vote. From Administrators to Zammers, Coaches to Concessions, Skate Sharpeners to Web Programmers, each volunteer has valuable input. You need not have a player in the organization, just be a community member in good standing interested in growing youth hockey in our organization.


Q: Do I have to have a SportsNgin (SE) account to apply to the Board?
A: Yes as you will be added to the Board "team" for communications.  Don't worry, it's the same account you're using for your player.


Q: Can I edit my registration entry?
A: Yes. You will be sent an email that has the link. You can also find it in your "Registrations" in your SE account. Click the registration and the pencil at the upper right will allow you to edit. Do note, a week before the election the Bio's will be posted publicly in a news article and any edits will not be automatically updated.


Q: What does "member in good standing" mean?
A: Generally speaking it has to be a person who is not currently under discipline by the Board, is current on all fees and can pass a background check and SafeSport certification. In short, a proper Board member should not have issues within FVHA and the community at large that questions the integrity of the organization.


Q: Who sees Board applications?
A: The Elections committee reviews all entries and assesses if the applicant is in good standings. If they are, the Bio field is added to a public news article for the organization to review before voting. The rest of the Board and IT administrators also can see the applications. Rejected applications are not publicly posted.


Q: What makes a good Bio?
A: A brief paragraph or two about who you are, what you bring to the organization and why people should vote for you. Examples can be found in last year's news article.


Q: How much time does this really take?
A: We like to think it takes what you are willing to give. At a minimum you're looking at 3-5 hours per month for Board and committee meetings and duties. However, many members choose to exceed this because it's fulfilling work.


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FVHA Elections Committee

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